About Us

Mission Statement

By caring and listening, we present opportunities

to inspire and build stronger communities around the world.

President /CEO Message

I truly believe that God has given me the wisdom to help and serve others. Through the guided path of loving, listening, and supporting, I have begun to help our communities through presenting opportunities, because I believe that compassion is worth more than profit. As a community, we will rise above and build a foundation for our future generations.

– Rocko Milan –

Our Story

In 2019, Fair Market Agency™ started with a business plan to invest and profit from upgrading properties. The first property acquired came to be more than just a profit. We started working on the renovation then quickly realized there was a deeper meaning to our business. Friends, family, and neighbors all helped out with long hours of tearing down and building up, We have fond memories of blood, sweat, tears, and many times of joy along the way.

We soon realized making a profit was not the sole purpose of Fair Market Agency™. Rather, the power of working together and helping each other as family, friends, and a community built the very principles the company is now founded upon. The future success of Fair Market Agency is within the people and communities themselves setting a foundation to help others while giving back to our communities around the world.

Giving back to others

Community Donations

A portion of our revenue received through referral commissions from our network of professionals goes directly towards our communities. The funds help with community projects, programs, and events.

Fair Market Agency™ will be hosting events throughout the year showcasing the community donations and also bringing awareness to our communities including the businesses, families, and friends within them.

Fair Market Agency™ is dedicated to building a better future for everyone.

Our Credo

Our Beliefs, Our Principles, and Our Purpose

Our purpose is you and our communities: our soul.

Our principles direct our actions and diversify our passion to help others.

Our achievements are when we see others get the most from their investments and the best from the communities they live in.

We believe that we’re here to bring honesty to others by helping them find solutions while enriching people, businesses, and families within our communities.

We support our communities, working with others, and giving back.

We care about your future and we listen to everything you have to say.

We protect you and your privacy so you can build a better future with confidence.

We value innovation and truly care for the future of our communities.

We engage with each of our clients, helping them discover all the opportunities that enrich their lives and build a stronger community.

We earn trust through our solutions that are recognized within real estate, professions, and communities around the world.

We embrace and exceed confidence with our direct approach, helping you understand while guiding you to get set up and make the best choices.