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Kardia Communities is an intentional Global Real Estate investing company, completely focused on making a HUGE IMPACT for our clients and the communities we serve. To make that impact, we put the interests of our homeowners, buyers, tenants, and investors first, because we truly care. We use sustainable development and ethical practices because we are passionate about creating lasting change in the world. And we educate on finance, real estate, sustainability, and investing so we can shape the current and next generation of global leaders and change-makers.

Our services include: property acquisitions, rent-to-own, flips as well as short-term and long-term rentals.


Oneiro Capital Management started with one idea in mind – conscious investing into Canadian communities to help people across the country build their dreams and meet their goals. Oneiro means dream in Greek, and our investment managers care about helping our communities flourish, and making the returns that help our investors’ financial dreams come to life. As a result, we all get to make a bigger difference together where it matters most – in the heart of our community.

Oneiro Capital Management clients are conscious investors who want to work with a company that actually cares about them and delivers more than the traditional investment opportunities.

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