*** Exclusive Offer directly from the owner with over 81-62-34,783 HECTORS ***


Our property to be promoted is 81-62-34,783 hectares with 1,200 linear meters facing the Pacific Ocean. It is located on the coastline of the state of Jalisco. The name of the property is called : the “BAY OF CUASTECOMATES” . 

This property is located between two of the most important developments in the entire area called the “Joyful Coast” of the State of Jalisco, one of them to the west called the TAMARINDO ecotourism development and the Four SEASONS Resort, with 15 km in front of the Pacific Ocean, which holds or contains an 18-hole golf course, one of the largest in all of Latin America. 

To the west with the Bay of Barra de Navidad and the 5-star tourist development, “Isla Navidad”. 

Our property has four virgin beaches with access to electricity poles and water services to the west and east, also with all the infrastructure of a town called with the same name as the Bay “POBLADO de CUASTECOMATES” in fact in that town we have a highway where we can build our communication routes to our 8162 34.7 83 Hectares. 

Our property is located in a strategic place to be able to carry out a very exclusive, very private ecotourism development and at the same time respect ecological zones. 

Our property is almost a perfect polygon with 1 kilometer to the WEST, 1 kilometer to the NORTH and 950 meters to the EAST and SOUTH with 1 km 200 linear meters to the Pacific Ocean. 

We have ABSOLUTELY all the updated respective legal documentation and the support of the Municipal, State, Federal and National government.  “AS A PRIVATE AND RESPECTED PARTICULAR PROPERTY, and we have PLAN DEEDS recognized before the institutions corresponding to real measures, CERTIFICATES of PROPERTY, CERTIFICATES of freedom from encumbrance and everything that leads to the updated legalization as of 2022.


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