Our Communities

Fair Market Agency™ Communities

Fair Market Agency™ is serving local communities and establishing partnerships within the Edmonton area. We are working with local community organizations, magazines, and government agencies to help grow our communities organically utilizing our network of professionals to help everyone.

Developing our Communities

Each community is growing and we are here to help. If you are living within a community and see opportunities for growth with new developments, old housing that needs replacing, bare land, or any other improvement register today and meet with one of our IPS Advisors. We can have our network of Professionals take a look and see what opportunities may exist to develop our communities and make it a better place.


Fair Market Agency™ is serving local communities to help host events and programs for our businesses, families, and people within them.

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Our List of Communities

Fair Market Agency Communities Magazine

We will be showcasing our local communities and the professionals within our network through the Fair Market Agency™ Magazine. Subscribe today to receive your copy and stay up to date with all of our news, events, and articles as they are released.