Why is everyone talking about Fair Market Agency™!

We are not sure about other realty businesses, but hearsay is that a few of these so called realty businesses are yet to service the true needs of our communities. Looking at what RECA (Real Estate Council of Alberta) provides, you see a set of rules governing real estate transactions and dealings in Alberta but what do these rules mean? RECA is an independent governing entity overseeing and implementing regulations related to property management, residential and commercial real estate, mortgage brokerage, condominium management, and brokerage licenses, but how does that help our everyday Edmontonian family look for a property? 

Fair Market Agency™ (FMA™) is a full service community realty consulting company, that provides open opportunities free of charge to everybody. FMA™ provides free property evaluation, strategic planning and solutions for all types of properties and situations. Investment Property Solutions (IPS) advisors assist clients in making informed decisions when it comes to buying, selling, renting, leasing properties, Insurance or obtaining a mortgage. FMA™ also provides consulting on opportunities for investment capital equity and capital investment share including international properties and investments.

When compliance becomes as important as breathing…

Fair Market Agency™ follows all rules, regulations, and policies as governed by our provincial and federal Government. The company adheres to all laws stipulated under RECA for non licensed persons and conducts business with utmost integrity and compliance. The following are some of the ways Fair Market Agency™ protects the private information of all its clients and follows rules set out by our governing agencies.

FMA™ makes sure the client’s confidential information to a third party within our network is agreed.

FMA™ makes sure the nature of the information being shared (name, contact info, etc.) is addressed.

FMA™ makes sure it discloses the receivership of commission for the referral to the professional. 

All information is then agreed upon in writing through an online form that each client much accept before any information is stored or sent to any professional within its network. 

When information is collected and stored on the FMA™ servers it has encrypted security to prevent any data from loss or damage. Furthermore FMA™ has password protected devices to prevent any tampering. The personal information submitted is given only to the requested professionals within the Fair Market Agency™ network and not to any other third party.  

Fair Market Agency™ depends on referral commissions as its source of income but it also takes about 25% of its total profit and gives it back to local communities. FMA™ complies with RECA’s rule in this regard – that commission may be negotiable or a set price. The details of transactions and how they will be made are documented at the outset. IPS Advisors / Managers  also inform professionals of payment terms and processes as they would be stated, outlined and documented within the online platform for each registered professional.

FMA™ engages referrals – Thats what we do. 

Fair Market Agency™ consultants are not licensed real estate agents and do not buy or sell property; a consulting person’s activities do not fall under the ambit of the Real Estate Act. FMA™ consultants refer clients to various professionals, including real estate agents, who provide the information on a real estate property, something that real estate brokerages and REALTOR®(s) have access to. FMA™ receives a referral commission from these licensed real estate brokers as per RECA guidelines. 

FMA™ refers clients to mortgage brokers as well. FMA™ has a network of mortgage brokers involved in various real estate activities. They help clients get approval for what they need and provide these services through industry compliance and legislation. What this effectively means is that FMA™ does not have any blind spots when it comes to the Real Estate spectrum. FMA™ works with all types of realty professionals that provide solutions and give open opportunities to their clients, in turn providing FREE consulting that literally gives back to the community through monetary donations. FMA™ makes sure all donations are only used for community needs, so its nice knowing you can get the solution you need while giving back to your community! 

FMA™ also refers clients to Rent-to-Own and insurance brokers, lawyers, developers and home inspectors. However, FMA™ does not represent any lending institution, nor does it engage in any soliciting on its part to drive business to the lending institutions by referring customers. Instead, FMA™ does this solely on its past case studies and probability of success with past similar engagements. All clients are open to choose the professional for their needs as requested. 

FMA™ is here to build a stronger community – Client Satisfaction and Industry Legislation are a top priority.

If you are a prospective property buyer, seller, renter, leaser, or someone looking for a mortgage consultation, or even renovation to add value to your home and do a home assessment then you are definitely in the right place. FMA™ will assist you with a wide range of property solutions that provide open opportunities for your investments. Remember, an investment that becomes an earning asset will always be better than an investment that becomes a liability due to unforeseen opportunities, or even self negligence, leading to a loss.

FMA™ helps clients who are looking for real estate solutions. FMA™ may assist you in drafting a detailed plan of action that helps you understand your opportunities and gives you a road map with all the certified professionals ready to help you achieve your goals!